Terms & Conditions

Vantage Point expects all interactions with our site, staff, etc to be conducted with respect and for lawful and ethical purposes. VPC reserves all rights to content, images, trademarks, information and related materials. As part of your signup and purchase processes you verify that all information supplied is true and correct. You further verify that you are the lawful owner of all credit card or other credit and / or personal information supplied. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Please Note: ALL orders are reviewed and may be subject to further verification prior to processing.

VPC orders generally will not be fulfilled until payment has been secured through an appropriate payment mechanism which may include credit card, paypal, ACH, EFT, Wire, Net Terms, 3rd party lease or other provided payment mechanism. VPC reserves the exclusive right to charge appropriate fees and penalties including, but not limited to 1.5% interest per month or the maximum allowed by law for non-payment, late payment, collection, insufficient funds, returns, or to recoup other costs incurred by VPC on the customers behalf or in accordance with the terms, conditions and policies of VPC. VPC reserves the right to enforce VPC policies through all reasonable measures including the assessment of appropriate fees, interest, right to title, account and order cancellation, security blocking and other measures deemed appropriate to safeguard VPC assets, interests, and the reliability of our of products, services and processes.

VPC provides no warranties expressed or implied in relation to any of its products, services, processes or 3rd parties. Use of the VPC website, products, services, processes or other communications with VPC explicitly confirm your acceptance of this and ALL VPC policies. All Legal disputes will be resolved in the jurisdiction of the state of Wisconsin.

Any suspected violation of this or other VPC policies should be reported to service@vpcinnovations.com.